Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Little April

Little April was members sexy the organizations " White tits ". Into structure of a gang entered twenty young girls in the age of from 18 till 23 years. They considered as the enemies young succeeding women who concern to number "Little April". Little April was not that bands so thirsted "social equality". Business was in elementary envy to at whom it turns out better, than at them. The leader of a gang was the girl by name April Arikssen, high, sports addition. The master of sports on a judo. Earlier has served in the US army.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


- Yes April, it is not necessary, that it fell, to not suit ours malyshke to lay at night on a floor, - has agreed April. - It is possible to enclose something under a mattress, pillows, for example, that it could not turn over sideways, or adhere it to a bed. You in fact have still a tape? - Is, and in enough. All right, it is time to us to go. - little April has addressed to hot April. - We leave you, my doll. Do not miss and be the clear head. We shall return late at night and then, I promise you, we shall adequately compensate to you your lonely hours. And you the jazychkom will compensate to us our care of you. We shall go, Lina! - we Shall go. Girls have directed to a vestibule. - by the way, and what it you have told about April's toung? - has asked little April. - About, at it magic toung. - That you mean? - intonation in a head of the April expressed extreme interest. - I to you on road shall tell. It is simply more tremendous! - as it is interesting.

Monday, October 1, 2007

April Arikssen is a hot nurse

April Arikssen is a hot nurse... - Yes, has absolutely forgotten to tell to you, that April wait for someone on a visit, - it has crafty smiled and has gone to a vestibule. April Arikssen has heard, as the entrance door has slapped, the female voice, an exchange of greetings, short fuss was heard. Then April Arikssen sex accompanied by other girl, the best and close girlfriend of the Rose whom it sometimes in addition named Lina has entered into a room. That it named its different names, there was nothing strange for the girl possessed unusual rare name Rozalina. The beauty and charm of the girl was very successfully combined with beauty of its name. April it was already familiar with it and always found its society rather pleasant. Hot nurse it has been very surprised, having seen it here and during such moment, and it very much confused it. It did not think, that hot April Arikssen still somebody will tell, let even to the close girlfriend, but April now was not in that position to dictate the rules.

April on youtube

April Arikssen in the red bed

April Arikssen in the red bed... Hot April is more dense zapahnula a blanket around April's than a head so, that that began to roll even more deeply in it. April Arikssen moves and crys. Similar revelation has excited it, and it did not know, whether to be pleased to that it has received such attention from April Arikssen sex tape, or to cry that its position can be compared unless to position of the slave. April Arikssen has left in the room, appear, it not was long enough. At last it has returned, made up, elegantly dressed as if has gathered for appointment or on any party. It has opened there was a mouth, obviously gathering something to tell, but it was outstripped with a call to a door.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

April Arikssen and Banana

At last April Arikssen and Banana has completely realized the position. The conclusion was unfavourable - it has understood, that has again got in a trap from which it to not get out. To hit April the feeling of the full feebleness again has seized, already begun to seem to such friends. Though it also has received yesterday something similar to pleasure, that was in such to a captivity, but today its mood had no to any games. April Arikssen would not like again at all so bezvolno to lay, as if someone's toy - it would like freedom. Again it has made an attempt to be liberated, but it has appeared all the same what to struggle against the elements. A fragile little craft against a nine-mark storm April Arikssen and Banana, a cable column against a tornado, a pise-walled shanty against flooding, and nelli against a blanket - chances at all are equal.